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Trusted & Licensed Medical Professionals

Specializing in Holistic Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit


It is estimated that 75-90% of people and places have a spirit or entity attachment, and I have found this to be true in my practice. These attachments often cause a variety of physical and mental health symptoms that cannot be addressed with conventional treatment. One of my unique abilities is that I can diagnose and free people of these lower-vibrational energies from any location.


Earthbound Spirits are souls that chose not to cross over after the death of their physical body. Spirits attach to a person's energy field because it gives them a body to live in. These attachments cause energy blocks and imbalances, and they are often able to influence people's thoughts, emotions and actions (see common signs of attachment below).

Property Attachments occur when Earthbound spirits attach to properties, houses, offices and buildings. They can cause disharmony among family members or roommates, influence the sale or lease of a property in a negative way, and much more (see list below).


Dark Entities attach to humans through holes and weaknesses in their energy fields. They are often attracted to people that resonate with the lower frequencies of fear and anger, but they also attach to Lightworkers and those that are having spiritual awakenings. The objective of Dark Entities is to dis-empower humanity by causing fear, and they often find their way in through the "dark side" of the human mind. They influence people in similar ways as Earthbound spirits, but are darker and can be more difficult to remove.


  • Chronic fatigue

  • Unexplained pain

  • Chronic depression and/or anxiety

  • Diagnosed with a mental disorder

  • Disturbing, intrusive thoughts, mind racing, powerful negative thoughts

  • Hearing voices

  • Panic attacks

  • Your life is chaotic and dramatic

  • Feeling alienated

  • Electrical appliances short out, lights flicker when you are near them

  • Repeated illnesses

  • People say you are acting differently

  • Addictions


  • Feelings of being watched

  • Sudden temperature changes or breezes, especially in one location

  • Dark feelings or feelings of depression when entering an area

  • Unexplained electrical disturbances (lights flickering, etc.)

  • Unexplained sounds (footsteps, items dropping/moving when no one else is there)

  • Hearing voices or whispers

  • Seeing shadows and movements out of the corner of your eye

  • Strange pet behavior (unexplained barking, etc.)

  • Feeling like someone is standing next to you

  • Unexplained smells that won't go away

  • Feeling of being touched

  • No interest in a property for rent or sale

Heavenly Vibrations

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