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In-person, Online & Phone Sessions

Psychic Readings, Mediumship & Angel Tarot Readings:

Receive healing messages from the Spirit realm with a transformative reading experience. Explore insights and guidance for your journey ahead. I am a Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive with the ability to establish connections with the Akashic Records, your Higher Self, as well as your guides and guardians.


The Angel Tarot deck I use stays true to the traditional Tarot deck but without the negative language and pictures associated with the traditional deck. This deck resonated with me right away, and I have found it to be incredibly accurate!

Remote Session Prices: 30"-$70 / 45"-$85 / 60"-$120

In-person Prices: 30"-$90 / 45"-$105 / 60"-$140

Channeled Sessions:

During this channeled session with your guides, you will receive messages to assist with life circumstances from a spiritual perspective, including how to access the deeper truth to your soul's journey and to enhance your life in all areas including relationships, work, finances, health, major change, unexpected events, mind, body, and soul wellness.

One of my main missions in this life is to assist other Lightworkers in identifying their soul’s purpose and in raising their vibrations to a higher dimensional frequency. During this session with higher dimensional beings, you are also directly receiving light coded information and frequencies to help you clear resistant energies and raise your frequency.

Remote Session Prices: 30"-$150 / 45"-$190 / 60"-$300

In-person Prices: 30"-$170 / 45"-$210 / 60"-$320

I offer a limited number of in-person appointments. Contact me directly at 541-646-1973 or send a message if you would like to be seen in-person.

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