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Held in Junction City, Oregon
Next Meetings:
Saturday, 12/30 from 3:30 - 5pm

These monthly meetings offer a unique opportunity to connect with other spiritually-minded people, to learn to speak Light Language, and to ask questions and share experiences.
No experience is needed to attend.

Come and join us on this journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Led by a trusted psychic mentor, these meetings offer a safe and welcoming space for discussing topics related to spirituality, psychic abilities, paranormal occurrences, and alternative healthcare.

As an integral part of the experience, you will receive a Light Language Activation and guidance into speaking Light Language, including printed handouts featuring ancient healing mantras, selected for their effectiveness in Light Language activation will be provided.

Light Language, drawing from a rich tapestry of languages, including Sanskrit and Hindi, offers a profound journey into the realms of vibration and frequency. It is a powerful spiritual tool that has long been misunderstood and underused, but we are all equipped with the ability to use it -  It is the language of our Soul. It can come in the form of thoughts, symbols, and spoken words.

Singing bowls, gong, and Solfeggio chimes (to help relax the mind and raise your vibration) will be played during the Light Language portion of this group.


Embark on a Personalized Light Language Activation Journey!

Benefit from my extensive track record of countless successful Light Language activations. Join me for a private session and unlock your inner potential. This transformative journey promises self-discovery and healing like never before.

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