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Connect with Spirit Guides & departed loved ones to receive healing messages during this private reading. I am a Psychic & Medical Medium with the ability to connect to your Higher Self as well as a multitude of Higher Dimensional Beings & Guides that are assisting Humanity at this time.


Session Prices: 30"-$70 / 45"-$85 / 60"-$120


(Psychic Development Mentoring, Light Language Development,

Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring)

Deepen your understanding of spirituality, your life’s purpose, your health, and how to develop your psychic gifts during private mentoring sessions.

I have been called a "Lightworker of Lightworkers" because of my ability to help others activate their spiritual gifts. I have activated many clients for their gifts of Light Language as well as other abilities.


Session Prices: 30"-$70 / 45"-$85 / 60"-$120


Work through the pain of losing a loved one or any other grief that you feel is holding you back from your best life with a Psychic Nurse & Wellness Coach! I will help you to way forward in life by offering strategies to handle pain and grief and steps to find hope, meaning, and peace. I will help you with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to become a master of your own health and wellness based on your goals.


If you are looking for Health Coaching, I will help you with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to become a master of your own health and wellness based on your goals.

Session Prices: 60"-$80


Honor your body, mind & spirit with a private & sacred sound bath that includes 14 singing bowls (crystal & Tibetan), Solfeggio chimes, a solar flare gong tuned to the Root Chakra & channeled Light Language frequencies for strengthening & balancing of Chakras, Meridians, Aura, brain energy & more!

Sound is an ancient form of healing that transforms us on all levels - physical, emotional & spiritual. Light Language brings us into a higher vibrational state for a profound level of healing & activation of our spiritual gifts.

I am a psychic nurse with 30 years of professional experience & the ability to sense & make adjustments in the energy fields of others by combining my knowledge of Reiki & Energy Medicine with the ability to channel energy and work with the higher selves of others.

Session Prices: 30"-$70 / 60"-$135

SOUND BATH MEDITATIONS (Held in Junction City, OR)

Relax, Rejuvenate, and Raise Your Consciousness during this Multidimensional Meditation that includes Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong Music, Solfeggio Frequencies, Light Language, and Reiki.


Each person will receive a personalized energy healing that will ground you, clear energy blocks & restore balance to your energy fields, including Meridians, Chakras, Aura, Polarity, and more.

There will also be a channeled message for the group from our Spirit Guides.

Sound Healing provides an abundance of profound benefits to the mind and body.

Here are just a few:

Releases blocked energy

Clears & balances energy centers such as meridians & chakras

Harmonizes the mind and body, reducing anxiety & stress

Balances the brain

Assists with pain

$30 per person


Raise Your Consciousness, meet other Lightworkers, and activate Your Light Language!

Bring your spiritual/psychic questions for discussion!

Practicing and expanding your Light Language gift in a group of others will serve to raise your vibration and psychic abilities even faster.

During these groups, I will offer an activation as well as provide guidance and a printout of some healing mantras to speak/chant if you are not yet speaking Light Language, as they frequently assist in the activation of Light Language (which is composed of many ancient languages including Sanskrit).

I will also play singing bowls, gong, and Solfeggio chimes (to help relax the mind and raise our vibrations) as we practice in a safe and friendly environment.

Attending these groups will raise your vibration and, over time, help to release energetic density and cultivate your spiritual abilities.

Many people start speaking Light Language the first time they attend. Feel free to bring your own singing bowl, drum, or other instrument and play along.

If you have an interest in Light Language, it is likely that you have an ability for it, and you are welcome to join the group, as listening frequently helps with activation.

$10 per person



During this session, I act as a trance channel for guides serving in the highest good for the purpose of assistance with life circumstances from a spiritual perspective, including how to access the deeper truth to your soul's journey and to enhance your life in all areas including relationships, work, finances, health, major change, unexpected events, mind, body, and soul wellness.

One of my main missions in this life is to assist other Lightworkers in identifying their soul’s purpose and in raising their vibrations to a higher dimensional frequency. During this session with higher dimensional beings, you are also directly receiving light coded information and frequencies to help you clear resistant energies and raise your frequency.

Session Prices: 30"-$150 / 45"-$190 / 60"-$300




If you are looking for a way to keep your energies more balanced and to stay more grounded in life, but your time is limited or you are not local to the Eugene area, the Monthly Energy Maintenance Program is the way to go.


This program is an opportunity for you to restore energetic balance and vitality to your life. When you participate in this program, I work with Spirit Guides, Collectives of Higher Dimensional Beings, and your Higher Self and Soul energy to remotely balance and strengthen your energies (Meridians, Aura, Chakras, Polarity, Tibetan Rings/Celtic Weave, Energy Grid and more).


Consistent and systematic energy balancing removes energy blocks, reestablishes healthy energetic flow, raises your vibrational frequency, and allows you a better connection to the healing benefits of Earth's energy, as well as to your true self.


In addition to energy balancing and restoration, I also include in these sessions a retrieval of soul energies that are existing on lower vibrational timelines. This is done for the purpose of Spiritual and Physical Healing, Karma release, and raising your consciousness.

$250 per month per person (family discounts available on a case-by-case basis)


This combination of therapies includes Reiki, Sound Healing with Light Language, and an energetic scan, repair, and realignment of your energy fields.

During this session, I send the Reiki energy and use my knowledge of energy medicine to work with your higher self for the purpose of removing energy blocks, balancing and repairing your energies: Includes systematic balancing of the following energies: Aura, chakras, meridians, polarity & grounding, brain energy patterns, Tibetan rings (Celtic Weave), radiant circuits and energy grid.

Session Prices: 30"-$75 / 45"-$100 / 60"-$130


In this session, I will assess your paranormal situation and provide you with strategies for the removal of unwanted energies/spirits/entities.


It is estimated that 75-90% of people and places have a spirit or entity attachment, and I find that to be true in my practice.

These attachments often cause a variety of physical and mental health symptoms that cannot be addressed with conventional treatment.

Earthbound Spirits are souls that did not cross over after the death of their physical bodies. Spirits attach to a person's energy field because it gives them a body to live in. These attachments cause energy blocks and imbalances, and they are often able to influence people's thoughts, emotions, and actions (see common signs of attachment below).


Property Attachments occur when Earthbound spirits attach to properties, houses, offices, and buildings. They can cause disharmony among family members or roommates, influence the sale or lease of a property in a negative way, and much more.


Dark Entities attach to humans through holes and weaknesses in their energy fields. They are often attracted to people that resonate with the lower frequencies of fear and anger, but they also attach to Lightworkers and those that are having spiritual awakenings. The objective of Dark Entities is to disempower people by causing fear, and they often find their way in through the "dark side" of the human mind. They influence people in similar ways as Earthbound spirits, but are darker and can be more difficult to remove.

Since one of my unique abilities is diagnosing and teaching people to free themselves, others and places of spirits and negative entities, I won't leave you hanging after diagnosing the problem. I have been teaching and doing successful removals for years, bringing peace of mind and happiness back to many people and places. 

Session Price: 30" - $75 / 60"- $150



For this session, I will go to your property or office to bless, provide spiritual protection, and transmute stale, stagnant energies. Whether it be your home, property, office, or any other place that is important to you, this session provides positive energy and spiritual healing, creating a peaceful and harmonious vibration that brings calm, joy, harmony, prosperity and comfort. Session can be done remotely if you prefer. Please note that this is a session to clear old and stagnant energies. It does not include spirit and entity removals.


$200 + travel fee (based on miles)



Reiki I, II, and III

Psychic Development

Chakras & Aura

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