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There are three degrees of Reiki which are taught in successive levels:


Reiki l:
Provides an introduction to Reiki, including the history, applications, and current research on this light touch therapy from Japan. In class, you practice offering Reiki to yourself and others. This level works with the physical body.
Cost $ 150



Reiki ll:
Deepen your Reiki knowledge and energy flow with the use of three powerful, healing Reiki symbols which are the essence and formula of Reiki. Learn to perform long-distance healings. This level focuses on the emotional and mental aspects of healing.
Cost $ 150



Reiki lll:
After practicing Reiki as a level II practitioner, some are ready to go on to the Master level where they are able to teach and attune others. At the Master/Soul level, you learn two additional sacred symbols: one for healing, and one for passing the Reiki energy on to others. Class includes full instruction on being a Reiki Master and the attunement process.

Cost $ 200

CEUs for available for LMTs

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