"You are the Eyes of Source..."

A Divine Mother Collective channeled message on the subject of the great spiritual awakening that is presently underway on our planet. Enjoy. Blessings and Love, Michelle

We are the Divine Mother Collective, and we are pleased to be part of your healing and the healing in your world. The energetic matrix of your reality is far from what you would call the Source Creator or God. The light is slower. It is denser, and to your spirit, it feels heavy. We tell you this to empower you and to congratulate you. We often see that may who are trying to create a life of high vibration are hard on themselves. You took on the challenge of this lifetime, knowing ahead of time that the vibration would be heavy and that the speed of manifestation would be much slower than what you are used to.

What we see is that you have come here to bring in the light of your spirit and to create in a world of slower vibration or density. We assure you that each of you felt sure you could do it. It is really the ultimate challenge for your soul to create in such a heavy reality, so far from Source, and so we say, give yourself a pat on the back for maintaining this. We ask that you consider enjoying all the moments of your life, even the ones you feel are most difficult. You are the eyes of Source, always reporting back.

We see that many spend much time in self-judgment and that much of your own self-worth seems to be based on comparisons with others. What we say to this is that if you could see yourselves the way we see you, you would not be so hard on yourselves. You would realize that you are a bright light residing within a human body. You came here to figure it out and to help others.

We invite you to view yourselves as galactic citizens, not alone in this world even though you are only perceiving a small bandwidth of reality and it feels that way at times. We assure you that you are never alone. Time and space are illusory. They are part of the programming of your world so you may face the challenges and joys of creating in density and separation. You are doing this at all times.

What we see is that many are not residing in higher vibration emotions such as love and gratitude long enough for your wishes to manifest. You are always creating in the energetic world before you see manifestation in the physical, and you are always creating whether you mean to or not. You have all created this reality together, and you have more control over it than you ever thought you did.

We ask that you pay particular attention to the emotions that you carry with you from day to day - your predominant emotions. Ask yourself if you are living in accordance emotionally with your true nature as a galactic being, and if you see yourself from above in a way that you do not like, we invite you to make changes.

You are part of a much bigger reality than what you perceive here. You are in unprecedented times of humanity where the intelligence and technology level has raised to the point that you are able to make more use out of the energies that are entering your reality. You are receiving unprecedented amounts of cosmic energies/information on your planet due to what you would call natural cycles and Earth events occurring at this time. You are existing in a very special place where humanity has not previously been. The vibration of the incoming energies combined with the intelligence and technology levels you have achieved that allow you to communicate worldwide are all coalescing in an awakening of humanity.

We wish for you to see yourselves as galactic beings, as galactic citizens, as part of a greater energetic machinery you could say, knowing that all you do affects all else without you realizing it at all times. You create with emotion and with the energies around you. If you are not seeing the reality that you in front of you that you wish to create, we ask that you consider raising the vibration of the emotions you feel most often and focusing in on what it is you would like to see in your world. All of these changes you wish for begin with you.

We are grateful for the awakening that is occurring within humanity and we are pleased to be of assistance in the name of the highest good.

~ Channeled by Michelle Niver on 2/21/20

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