The power of your thought has the power to protect your body.

Enjoy this empowering message I channeled from the Arcturians about how to handle our current situation. Love and Blessings, Michelle

"We are the Arcturians, and we are pleased to be of assistance in your world.

There are many in your world in a state of disarray. You are able to feel this.

We remind you that all humans are connected – to each other and to the world around you. We would like to empower and help soothe you by letting you know that much of what you feel comes from outside of yourself.

This is not to diminish who you are, but only to say that you are an antenna. You are transmitting and receiving at all times, and, without even realizing it, picking up the energies and emotions of others around you and even of the world. Do not own this. Do not own the feelings of discordance in yourself.

We see that the situation on your planet has culminated in an event that separates you even more than you were already separated from each other. The events in your world have culminated as a result of a natural cycle of things as well as discordance within the human race. This is an opportunity for you to start anew, and we wish for you to see it this way. You will realize many things (and you have already) in the days to come about yourself, your world, how things operate, what you need, what you don’t need, and the advantage of human connection.

You will learn much in the coming days, and we invite you to view this as somewhat of a gentle lesson to prepare you for other things to come within your reality. All of you here today are in a position of helping others to dispel their own fears and to help others disengage from worry, as worry is feeding the problem.

Learning to clear your mind will enable you to move forward in your life with better ease, and so what we would say to do is disconnect from the repetitiveness of the daily news. Allow yourself a certain amount of time to stay informed, but do not find yourself in a loop in your mind, on your tv or in your conversations – the loop of fear, the loop of worry.

Spend no time on the worry, as it takes very little time for you to start to spin things into existence with your thoughts.

You are Manifestors and Wayshowers in this world, and we ask that you show others the way of faith – faith in that no matter what happens on your planet, you will all be fine. You are divine beings of light having this experience, and it is but a blip in the grand scheme of your existence.

We encourage you to see yourselves as light, as high vibration energy inhabiting a human body, and we encourage this because that is a vibrational mismatch for the viruses.

Fear lowers the human vibration and makes one more susceptible to illness. If you can lift yourself up from this situation and see yourself as a being of light having a human experience and here to help others, not engaging in the worry and the mental chatter and loops of fear, you will disconnect from the vibration of the illnesses spreading on your planet.

The power of your thought has the power to protect your body, and we encourage you to use it this way.

We are pleased that there are so many that are able to continue on with their lives without engaging in paralyzing fear, and we applaud you for this. You are much more special than you’ve ever really thought of yourselves and we reinforce this today."

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Michelle Niver, RN, MSN, Reiki Master,

Psychic Teacher, Lightworker Catalyst, Paranormal Investigator