Spikes in the Schumann Resonance & Implications for Humanity Part 2: How to Better Protect Ourselves

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Our world is experiencing unprecedented new energies which seem to be, at least in part, reflected in the surges of power we are seeing in the Schumann Resonance. There’s no doubt these energies are affecting us as biologic and spiritual beings. In this time of the great spiritual awakening that’s occurring on our planet, and especially if you are someone with electrohypersensitivity, it’s important to feel empowered to protect and strengthen yourself. There are specific steps and lifestyles we can adopt to be emotionally and energetically stronger and more grounded in these times. In this article, I will share some ways to better protect your health and support your spiritual awakening process.

To review, external energy influences like lightning and weather patterns and seemingly some other factors as well, including human-made high-frequency energies (wifi, cell phone technology, etc.) and unprecedented amounts of cosmic radiation for our lifetime have important implications for humanity.

Minimizing and neutralizing the effects of the manmade frequencies that can cause damage to the human body (cell, wifi technology, etc.) is important both for maintaining physical, energetic and spiritual health. The Journal of Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine published an article in May supporting that high-frequency energy effects lead to pain and inflammation. This is attributed to high-frequency induced “excitotoxicity” in the nervous system and oxidative stress (an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to neutralize their harmful effects with antioxidants). There are so many people out there experiencing unexplained pain and inflammation, and it can really slow us down, inhibiting our physical health and spiritual awakening process if we can't control it.

Additionally, we are in times of unprecedented cosmic radiation (which is information). This may be, at least in part, responsible for the global spiritual awakening.

Below are some helpful ways to maintain better health and nourish your spiritual awakening process:

REDUCE EXPOSURE: Turn off wi-fi router when not in use. Remove as many electronics from your bedroom as possible. Don’t sleep with TV or music playing. Turn off wi-fi, data and bluetooth signals on your phone whenever possible. Use blue-blocking glasses for computer and TV use. You could even consider an EMF-proof beanie (tin foil hat – they really make them - https://getlambs.com/products/emf-proof-beanie).

REDUCE OXIDATIVE STRESS (OS): Eat more plants and vegetables, preferably raw as much as possible. Fruits have the highest levels of antioxidants of any foods. Reduce or eliminate foods that increase OS (processed foods, dyes, preservatives, alcohol). Use more natural cleaning and personal care products and get rid of the chemicals and plastics in your life as much as possible. Use alternatives to pharmaceutical remedies – pharmaceuticals (even over the counter drugs) are chemicals and cause OS. Fruits nourish the pineal gland and third eye chakra, and chemicals block it.

GROUNDING: The Earth is always emitting electrons, which are negatively charged particles that scavenge and neutralize free radicals and OS. Thirty minutes a day of grounding has been scientifically shown to significantly decrease inflammation via this process. Better connecting to Gaia helps prevent anxiety and gives us important, albeit subtle information about our world as well as signals for healing. You can engage in a barefoot grounding practice outside on grass, dirt, sand, or even unpainted concrete, or you can buy an indoor earthing product such as a sheet for your bed or a mat for your feet. Your polarity must be in correct alignment to receive the maximum benefit of this process. See this easy exercise to correct your polarity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfg453EnpEw&t=7s

PEMF: A PEMF machine (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies) delivers the healing frequencies of the Schumann Resonance (beneficial for emotional and physical health), and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is known for its ability to decrease pain. I use one daily and can attest to the pain-relieving and mind relaxing effects.

ENERGY MEDICINE: As humans, we are each a complex system of energy, connected to each other and to other systems of energy. These energies keep our organs and tissues healthy and connect our physical bodies to our spiritual bodies. When our energies are unbalanced, weak, or out of alignment, we are affected on all levels: Mind, body and spirit. Receiving and performing energy medicine techniques on myself changed my life in unexpected and wonderful ways. I see Energy Medicine as a crucial element of health, especially right now with these new energies coming in to upgrade us as well as the energetic frequencies in our world that are known to disrupt human energy in specific and detrimental ways.

SOUND HEALING: Sound has been known to restructure human energetic frequencies for thousands of years. Sound healing with your own voice in affirming ways is very healing. Tuned instruments such as singing bowls and tuning forks retune our energy structures (chakras, nervous system, etc.) for better health.

NATURE: The frequencies of nature are known to be healing to our bodies and minds. I also believe we receive beneficial coding to assist in our lives and in the ascension process when we spend time observing nature and the interplay between light and the natural structures.

I channeled some interesting information about nature and fruit recently and I will be sharing that soon. I hope this helps! Stay well! Love and Blessings, Michelle

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