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Trusted & Licensed Medical Professionals

Specializing in Holistic Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit


If you are looking for a way to keep your energies more balanced and to stay more grounded in life, but your time is limited or you are not local to the Eugene area, my Monthly Energy Maintenance Program is the way to go. This program is an opportunity for you to restore energetic balance and vitality to your life.


When you participate in this program, Michelle works with Spirit Guides, Collectives of Higher Dimensional Beings and your Higher Self Energy to remotely balance and strengthen your energies (Meridians, Aura, Chakras, Polarity, Tibetan Rings/Celtic Weave, Energy Grid and more).


Consistent and systematic energy balancing removes energy blocks, reestablishes healthy energetic flow, raises your vibrational frequency and allows you a better connection to the healing benefits of Earth's energy, as well as to your true self.


In addition to energy balancing and restoration, Michelle also includes in these sessions removal of any attachments in the energy field.

Choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

Heavenly Vibrations

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