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Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies.
When we entrain with healing frequencies and harmonic resonance,
we vibrate our bodies, minds and spirit into healing.

Sound Bath Meditations

 with Singing Bowls & Light Language

3rd Sundays in Eugene, OR


Sound Healing Meditation for the Heart 

SUNDAY, February 12th

Sessions at 11 am, 1 pm & 3pm

Immerse yourself in Healing Sound, Realign to your Soul Purpose & Activate your Psychic Abilities. Activations for the Heart Chakra and Compassion will be channeled from Divine Mother Collective, and an English message will be channeled for the group as well.


Sound is an ancient form of healing used in many cultures and spiritual traditions around the world. Sound healing transforms on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Benefits include:

- Stress relief - Brain wave patterns for meditation - Balanced body & emotions - Strengthened immune system - Reduced pain - Balanced, strong Chakras - Higher Self communication - Increased intuition

Benefits of the Solfeggio Frequencies:
174 Hz - Natural anesthetic, reduces pain
285 Hz - Restructures damaged organs
396 Hz - Liberating guilt & fear
417 Hz - Facilitating change
528 Hz - Transformation & miracles (DNA repair)
639 Hz - Reconnecting & balancing relationships
741 Hz - Solving problems
852 Hz - Awakening intuition
963 Hz - Reconnects us to Spirit
Benefits of Light Language:
Strengthened communication with Higher Self
Releases emotions that no longer serve you
Reinforces positive thought patterns
Increases intuition
Activates psychic gifts
Helps realign to your soul purpose
Strengthens chakras, aura & entire energy system

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