Holistic Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit

It is our mission to support all clients in achieving a higher level of consciousness and better life balance through personal wellness and the integration of

body, mind, & spirit.

Michelle Niver, RN, MSN, Reiki Master


Michelle has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years. Over many years of working in a variety of settings, she realized her abilities as a Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive.  Michelle is also an ordained minister, channel for higher dimensional consciousness, Reiki Master and Multidimensional Energy Medium. She has been trained in the areas of Sound/Vibrational Healing, Reiki, Touch for Health and Eden Energy Medicine.


She is able to communicate with and channel a variety of beings, including The Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Extraterrestrial/extradimensional beings, animals, departed loved ones, and earthbound spirits.


One of her unique abilities is that she can sense, repair and balance the energy fields of people and animals from any location. She can also diagnose and free people/places of earthbound spirits (ghosts) and dark entity attachments (including demonic energies) from any location.


Michelle offers a variety of different sessions including Reiki, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Psychic Readings, Psychic Development Training and Spiritual Coaching/Guidance.

No matter which session you choose, Michelle will assist you or your pet in releasing blocks and transforming chronic dysfunctional energy patterns, resulting in the potential for profound healing and transformation.


 Christian Niver, RN, Reiki Master

Christian is the owner of Heavenly Vibrations and the background support of the practice. He is a Registered Nurse and an Intuitive with over 29 years of nursing experience. As a trained observer of many years, he works as a team with Michelle during home and property clearing cases, acting as a consultant and her eyes to the physical world as she focuses on the clearings. He keeps track of and provides critical information during case debriefings.


Over the course of his varied career, Christian realized that he is highly intuitive, with a strong connection to the Spirit world and an ability to transfer energy to others with his hands, without it affecting him negatively. He has been called an "Angelic Healer" by other trusted healers and mediums.


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